Cute Mechanical Keyboards!


Photo by Lily Trinh

My boyfriend is a tech guy who is into computers, games, electronics, and everything in between. He recent picked up a new interest and hobby: Mechanical Keyboards. He has a few himself and when he saw cute sets like the ones pictured above, he wanted to get me some of my own as well!

The top keyboard set is call “PBT Valentine” Cherry Profile and it is on a 100% Firerose board. I have no other knowledge of this keyboard.. but! I love the color scheme and the little icons that replaces the text of control, esc, fn, and so on.

The bottom keyboard is a set call “NPCK Rainbow gradient keycap set” and it is 60% (of space/ keys). Again, I know not too much about it but look how cute the pastel gradient rainbow color is! There are even customized Gudetama keys on the top row!


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