My cute favorite purses!


Photo by Lily Trinh

These four bags/ purses are the cutest and in the cutest colors! I have a lot of other bags but these are my top favorites that I would use and switch out here and there.

The first one, far left, is a Sailor Moon Luna 3 way backpack/ bag. I am a Sailor Moon fan, and when I saw this bag online, I just had to get it! You can attached the straps 3 ways for 3 looks: back pack, shoulder bag, and cross body bag. If you’re interested as well, click here! I can fit so many things in this bag such as: iPhone 6s+, a pouch, my planner, camera, long wallet, and a water bottle.

Next, is my Sailor Moon Diana Purse. Is is cute and small, great for nice events, parties, and going out for a girls night. It is in the color Lilac and has the cat ears sticking out. If you want this bag, click here to check it out! This would fit my phone, long wallet, keys, and some make-up like lipgloss and a compact.

Third, is my one and only Michael Kors bag call “Ava Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel” in Ballet/ Blush pink! Super cute look and color and it fits everything I need to carry when I go out! What I love most is the sleek pouch in the back of the bag and I can easily slip my phone in and out.

Lastly, is my handbag I got as a gift from my best friend for my birthday! It is a bag from Aldo Accessories in my favorite minty color. As you can see on the picture above, I’ve added a floral keychain on the left side and a Japanese character Sumikko keychain on the right, to give it more of my personal touch. It’s a cute bag for quick outings and for work when I just need a bag to carry my wallet, phone, keys, and maybe a small snack 🙂



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