Commissioned Artwork


Photo by Lily Trinh

There are tons of talented artists all around the world and when open up for commission, it is thing to get a portrait of yourself, your significant other, a friend, or even family member as a gift! Pictured above are commissioned artwork of me and my boyfriend.

Left: Is by Shiroi ♥ Room, based inVancouver, Canada. Her art style is super cute with the most cutest color schemes in her artwork. My boyfriend was the one who contacted her for a commissioned artwork of us, since I wanted something of her style. It was a wonderful anniversary gift for our 5 years!

Right: Is by Natali Koromoto, based in Brooklyn, New York. He art style is much more different than Shiroi Room, but still cute nonetheless! Natali loves The Simpsons, so does my boyfriend and I; so it was cute how she incorporated Itchy from Itchy and Scratchy into the art work. This was a commissioned artwork gift from me to my boyfriend for our 4th year anniversary, he loves it!

To request a commission, first the artist has to announce that they will open up for commission. These artists and many other are very busy, so when they do have the time (or need to make extra cash) they will be able to do commissions. You’d simply email them and tell them what you want in the portrait (usually they charge by the portrait of person (1 person, $20. 2 persons, $40. and so on) But their price ranges do vary by different artists. You would send them pictures of course for references and you pretty much just tell them whatever you’d like in the artwork. You would usually send payment through paypal and in the end, they would send you a hi-res pdf file you can go get printed yourself. It is not a bad deal at all! For something so personal and customized. It makes the best gifts (if you’re one who can’t draw at all 😅)


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