Cute iPhone Cases and where to buy them!


Photo by Lily Trinh

I own a iPhone 6s Plus and pictured are my variety of cute phone cases! To me, phone cases are a type of accessory you change out now and then. There are people who can just stick to one phone case, but that is not me!

I love to change out my phone cases. I may get tired of seeing the same look and it is refreshing to see something new on something you use and keep with you at all times.

All of the iPhone cases I purchased are from eBay! eBay is the place to find the most adorable and affordable cases for all kinds of smart phones. It is my go to place when I’m feeling like I’m due for a new phone case, haha. Yes, sometimes it might not be what it is pictured, but 99% of the time the product is true to description! These iPhone cases all range from lowest of $1.99 to highest maybe at $5.99 – free shipping, too! Super cheap! But the down side is waiting for it to arrive, since it is shipped from China. I adore all of my phone cases ๐Ÿ’•


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