Alpacasso by Amuse Japan


Photo by Lily Trinh

Alpacasso are fun-loving characters inspired by the social herd animals called Alpacas from the Andes in South America, but are “born” in Japan and love Japan’s customs and events! There fluffy, plump, and come in a range of colors – many not seen in the wild like baby pink and mint green. Several themed plushie collections have been released including “Kirarin Star,” “Velvet Ribbon,” “Pop’n Ribbon,” “Waku Waku Party,” and “Rainbow.” There has even been an Attack on Titan themed plushie collection title “Advance! Alpacasso Corps!”


Alpacassos, or alpacas, are the CUTEST THINGS EVER CREATED. Pictured is my small little alpacasso family. My first ever is the white one with a yellow party hat on top. I adore all of them so much and really wish I can have more! The thing with Amuses’ alpacassos, they come out with many different series and are limited time only! When it is sold out, it is gone forever 😦 One way to get the one you wanted is to look for sellers on eBay or someplace else. It would cost probably more than the original price.

However, I am content with the ones I have now. There is a cute yellow one at the Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle store at the moment, and I am very tempted in taking it home! I’ll think about it…

If you want an alpaca of your own, visit the Tokyo store or at!


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