Rilakkuma Collection!


Photo by Lily Trinh

Rilakkuma is my all time favorite character from Japan! Pictured is a photo of all my Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushies all together for a photo shoot 🙂

I would say, my love for this character started in my sophomore year in high school. I have tons of stationary and other knick-knacks with Rilakkuma on them!

Most of my Rilakkuma plushies were gifts from my significant others, awesome friends, and some I even bought for myself because it was just so cute!

For more information about the characters, visit my post all about it here! Rilakkuma by San-X


Fruit Cushions!


Photo by Lily Trinh

Want to spruce up your room or living room with a pop of color and fruits?? I’d recommend these cute cushions! You can sit on the floor with them, on a chair, or against your back on a sofa. You can find these on eBay by searching “fruit cushions” and they come in a variety of fruit prints! Pictured above from left to right are: lime, kiwi, orange, onion (veggie!) and a watermelon! They are also washable, you can unzip from the other side of the fruit print. The cushion is super soft and cute! Great little home decor extra for your place or a gift for a friend!

Click here to buy some of your own: Fruit Cushion eBay

Sleeping Pikachu!


Photo by Lily Trinh

I am SO happy!! I finally have a sleeping Pikachu plush! I’ve seen this all over the internet and knew you can get it only in Japan! Well, of course there are alternatives like online stores but it costs a lot, plus shipping, and long estimated arrival.

I was at Grand Century Mall on Story Rd. the other day and when I’m in the area, I love to check out the store “Jenny’s Gifts” because they do carry neat, cute, and Anime things. The sleeping Pikachu was the first thing I saw and I had to buy it! I’ve been asking friends who were visiting Japan to keep an eye out for a sleeping Pikachu for me, but they had no luck. But it is all okay now, because I found one in a store in San Jose! It is authentic plush imported from Japan. You can definitely tell by the tags on the plush.

Puchimaru by Amuse


Photo by Lily Trinh

Aren’t these the cutest little plush charms?? These are called Puchimaru and they are by manufacturer Amuse Japan. These little guys come from many different series: Zoo, Chinese Zodiac, All-stars (popular Amuse animals), Marine Life, Dinosaurs and even holiday themed! Each are approximately 1.6″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″and can hang anywhere you’d like! Your backpack, bag, phone, keys, rear view mirrors, or just all over your room, like how they are in mine 😅

You can get you own from cute gift shops that carry imported Japanese goods, Sanrio Stores, Hilltop Giftshop, and Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle stores! Collect them all 😀

Gudetama by Sanrio


Photo by Lily Trinh

Eggs are yummy… boiled, baked or raw. There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy (gude gude in Japanese). Look closely and you will see the eggs that you eat lack spunk. (Sanrio)

Gudetama is a lazy egg created by Sanrio! I love Gudetama, his personality, and his cuteness! He is simply an egg that is the epitome  of probably the majority of college students. Many relate to Gudetama by its’ laziness and comfort of staying in bed and to do nothing. Some call Gudetama a “spirit animal/ spirit food” because so many can relate to this egg spiritually, lol! Gudetama comes in all sorts of merchandises! Pictured, I have a plushie, a handmade bow, a smaller keychain size plushie, socks, stickers, and a small card set. You can shop for Gudetama things on, a Sanrio Store located at Great Mall Milpitas, any Hot Topic stores, and Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle store in Valleyfair!

Tsum Tsum by Disney


Photo by Lily Trinh

Originally from Japan, these Tsum Tsum stackable plush come in your favorite Disney characters. Collect them all to build a tower of cute and cuddly friends.

I love Disney and when Tsum Tsum came to the US, I instantly fell in love with them and started my own collection of my favorite Disney characters! They come in many sizes: large, medium, and mini! They also have Tsum Tsum totes that come with four mini ones. My collection (pictured above) consist of 1 large Pooh, __ mediums, 16 minis, and one tote of Bumble Bee Pooh!  Aren’t they the cutest! Marie from The Aristocats is my most recent addition to my collection.

Tsum Tsum was only available in Disney Stores, and then Target, and now they are available in many other stores such was Walmart and Walgreens! Tsum Tsum does not only come in plush form, it comes in collectable vinyl toys, clothing, accessories, stationary, and even home and decor items!

Tsum Tsum is also a game/ app you can play on your phone or tablet! Connect the matching Tsum Tsum to gain tons of points and collect all different characters to play with. It is super fun and cute. It is available at the App Store and on Google Play.


Rilakkuma by San-X


Photo by Lily Trinh

Meet Rilakkuma and his friends, Korilakkuma (white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick)! Rilakkuma, in Japanese, translates to “relaxed bear” or “bear in relaxed mood.” He is a very popular mascot in Japan and an official character from San-X, one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing companies in Japan.

Rilakkuma is a super cute, and super lazy, soft toy bear. He has a zipper on his back and it is still unknown why he has it. He is the “spirit animal” of mine and here is a little description of him (you might also find it relatable, or wish to be him) from his profile:

At all time and everywhere he goes he is continuously lazy and relaxed.
He is totally stress-free and also doing things on his own pace.
He is someone impossible to be hated by others.
You will be dragged into Rilakkuma’s world and become lazy and relaxed while watching what everything he does.

Korilakkuma is a friend of Rilakkuma. The yellow chick Kiiroitori, named her Korilkkuma (“ko” means small or child in Japanese) because she looked like a smaller version on Rilakkuma. She is a white bear with a red button on her chest, instead of a zipper on the back like Rilakkuma (both bears are not real, but stuffed toys). She is described as mischievous and often tries to act (and look up to) Rilakkuma. She loves strawberries, playing with her radio, and remote controlled duck toy.

Kiiroitori is the little yellow guy. Both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma showed up at his owners, Kaoru, house out of nowhere. Kiiroitori translates to “yellow bird” and he is a canary. In the trio, Kiiroitori is unlike Rilakkuma and is well- behaved. He would come out from his birdcage and scold at Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for being lazy and making trouble.

All together, they make the cutest trio and I am obsessed with these characters. Growing up I had phases of favorite characters such as Domo and Hello Kitty (I still adore Hello Kitty). But when I discovered Rilakkuma – I instantly fell in love and I never got bored of him or fell out of the phase. My room is currently filled with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma and my collection of them is still on going.

Stay tuned for my cute things!