Kawaii milk carton pencil cases!

Recently, I stopped my one of my favorite gift shop, Morning Glory! Morning glory is located at El Camino Real Santa Clara. It is a cute little shop with cute stationary, toys, and fashion accessories mostly from Korea!

I got a little crazy when I saw the cutest pencil case! Milk carton shaped cases! I couldn’t decided between the three… so I got them all! From the left to the right, there is mint choco milk, banana milk, and watermelon milk! The characters on them are called “Moongs” and its a panda and a seal? Not too sure what the all white one is but they sure are cute! Moongs are also on notebooks and pencils.

Check out the store if you’re in the area:ย Morning Glory Yelp

If not, check on the online store!ย http://morninggloryus.com/


Kawaii Notepad Collection!


Photo by Lily Trinh

Kawaii notepads galore! I have a thing for cute stationary and paper… even if I do not use it all. I use to have pen pals, but they slowly stop replying. I get it, life can be super busy! But nonetheless, I enjoy looking through these notepads, their cute characters, designs, and colors!

Majority of these notepads are of San-x characters and some (bottom row, left side) are just random but cute designs from Daiso Japan. The San-x ones were bought at Kinokuniya, Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, and just online!

Sometimes I do use these papers, to write notes to my friends and make lists. Lists including: homework assignments, to-do’s, and shopping! I would add it into my agenda/ planner book and it just makes my pages extra cute!


Decorative masking tape!


Photo by Lily Trinh

Decorative masking tape, or “deco tape”, is an essential supply you need in your craft box! If you’re into bullet journaling, snail mailing, scrapbooking, or anything crafty, deco tape makes your project extra cute! You can create boarders, use them on picture corners, or just to add a little pop onto the page!

Now a days, you can find decorative tape almost every where, crafts store, Japanese Goods stores, and even at Target! The ones I have, I bought them mostly from Daiso Japan and Ichi Ban Kan. I use them when I send letters to my pen pals, when I’m decorating a birthday card, and just to cover up rips and cracks on things I have, haha. It’s useful, practical, and definitely adorable!