Alpacasso by Amuse Japan


Photo by Lily Trinh

Alpacasso are fun-loving characters inspired by the social herd animals called Alpacas from the Andes in South America, but are “born” in Japan and love Japan’s customs and events! There fluffy, plump, and come in a range of colors – many not seen in the wild like baby pink and mint green. Several themed plushie collections have been released including “Kirarin Star,” “Velvet Ribbon,” “Pop’n Ribbon,” “Waku Waku Party,” and “Rainbow.” There has even been an Attack on Titan themed plushie collection title “Advance! Alpacasso Corps!”


Alpacassos, or alpacas, are the CUTEST THINGS EVER CREATED. Pictured is my small little alpacasso family. My first ever is the white one with a yellow party hat on top. I adore all of them so much and really wish I can have more! The thing with Amuses’ alpacassos, they come out with many different series and are limited time only! When it is sold out, it is gone forever 😦 One way to get the one you wanted is to look for sellers on eBay or someplace else. It would cost probably more than the original price.

However, I am content with the ones I have now. There is a cute yellow one at the Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle store at the moment, and I am very tempted in taking it home! I’ll think about it…

If you want an alpaca of your own, visit the Tokyo store or at!


Missha + Line Friends


Photo by Lily Trinh

Missha, a Korean Cosmetic brand, teamed up with Line Friends! My boyfriend recently purchased this for me on Amazon 😱. This is the Eye Color Studio Mini #03 Sally Orange/ It contains four adorable orange tints and shimmer eye shadows.

If you want to purchase one for yourself or as a gift for a friend, you can check it out here:

Kawaii Macahhrun!


Photo by Lily Trinh

Stopped by at Tea Lyfe today for drinks with my boyfriend and they had the cutest edible macarons! I had to take a picture of the display. The macarons are decorated as a popsicle,  cup cake, and a chocolate chip cookie! Too cute to eat, am I right?

The Macahhrun makers make limited of charactered macarons and have them available weekly at Tea Lyfe. The best way to see their next stock is by following or checking out their Instagram. Click the following link to visit their page, also Tea Lyfe!

Macahhrun –

TeaLyfe –

Commissioned Artwork


Photo by Lily Trinh

There are tons of talented artists all around the world and when open up for commission, it is thing to get a portrait of yourself, your significant other, a friend, or even family member as a gift! Pictured above are commissioned artwork of me and my boyfriend.

Left: Is by Shiroi ♥ Room, based inVancouver, Canada. Her art style is super cute with the most cutest color schemes in her artwork. My boyfriend was the one who contacted her for a commissioned artwork of us, since I wanted something of her style. It was a wonderful anniversary gift for our 5 years!

Right: Is by Natali Koromoto, based in Brooklyn, New York. He art style is much more different than Shiroi Room, but still cute nonetheless! Natali loves The Simpsons, so does my boyfriend and I; so it was cute how she incorporated Itchy from Itchy and Scratchy into the art work. This was a commissioned artwork gift from me to my boyfriend for our 4th year anniversary, he loves it!

To request a commission, first the artist has to announce that they will open up for commission. These artists and many other are very busy, so when they do have the time (or need to make extra cash) they will be able to do commissions. You’d simply email them and tell them what you want in the portrait (usually they charge by the portrait of person (1 person, $20. 2 persons, $40. and so on) But their price ranges do vary by different artists. You would send them pictures of course for references and you pretty much just tell them whatever you’d like in the artwork. You would usually send payment through paypal and in the end, they would send you a hi-res pdf file you can go get printed yourself. It is not a bad deal at all! For something so personal and customized. It makes the best gifts (if you’re one who can’t draw at all 😅)

What’s Cute?


Photo by Lily Trinh

What is cute? Cute is an adjective and according to, cute/ cuteness is:
1. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty.
2. appealing and delightful; charming.
3. affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious.

To me, cuteness can be a person, a place, or a thing! Babies are cute, a girl or guy can be cute and charming, a park area or cafe spot can be visually pleasant to look and be at, clothing or fashion style can be cute, and definitely all types of toys can be considered cute. A cute person, place, or thing can depend on personality, style, and appearance. In my opinion, a cute person would have a bubbly personality and also like cute things. A fashion style with a color theme of pink or light colors are cute. Same with toys, their color coordination and big-beady eyes can suck you into their cuteness. And don’t forget, all animals and pets can be cute, too! I am able to find cuteness in everything, and I hope you do as well! Hopefully you’re checking out my blog because you have similar interests or you are just curious to “what’s cute?”

Stay tuned for more cute things!


Welcome to my Blog!

Cheers to the first post! Welcome to my blog of cute things 🙂

A little about myself: I am a full-time student at San José State University and I am on my way on graduating in the Spring 2017 with a BA in Art and Design. I work part-time at small retail store filled with Japanese goods at the mall. I am into photography, design, and recently picked up hand lettering, or modern calligraphy.

Cute things? Well, I am an enthusiastic collector, and hoarder, of all things cute! I love toys, plushies (stuffed animals), stationary goods, and everything else in between! My blog will consist of my collections, reviews, and cute things!