Rilakkuma by San-X


Photo by Lily Trinh

Meet Rilakkuma and his friends, Korilakkuma (white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick)! Rilakkuma, in Japanese, translates to “relaxed bear” or “bear in relaxed mood.” He is a very popular mascot in Japan and an official character from San-X, one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing companies in Japan.

Rilakkuma is a super cute, and super lazy, soft toy bear. He has a zipper on his back and it is still unknown why he has it. He is the “spirit animal” of mine and here is a little description of him (you might also find it relatable, or wish to be him) from his profile:

At all time and everywhere he goes he is continuously lazy and relaxed.
He is totally stress-free and also doing things on his own pace.
He is someone impossible to be hated by others.
You will be dragged into Rilakkuma’s world and become lazy and relaxed while watching what everything he does.

Korilakkuma is a friend of Rilakkuma. The yellow chick Kiiroitori, named her Korilkkuma (“ko” means small or child in Japanese) because she looked like a smaller version on Rilakkuma. She is a white bear with a red button on her chest, instead of a zipper on the back like Rilakkuma (both bears are not real, but stuffed toys). She is described as mischievous and often tries to act (and look up to) Rilakkuma. She loves strawberries, playing with her radio, and remote controlled duck toy.

Kiiroitori is the little yellow guy. Both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma showed up at his owners, Kaoru, house out of nowhere. Kiiroitori translates to “yellow bird” and he is a canary. In the trio, Kiiroitori is unlike Rilakkuma and is well- behaved. He would come out from his birdcage and scold at Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for being lazy and making trouble.

All together, they make the cutest trio and I am obsessed with these characters. Growing up I had phases of favorite characters such as Domo and Hello Kitty (I still adore Hello Kitty). But when I discovered Rilakkuma – I instantly fell in love and I never got bored of him or fell out of the phase. My room is currently filled with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma and my collection of them is still on going.

Stay tuned for my cute things!