Sailor Moon Petite Charas


Photo by Lily Trinh

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon

Who loves Sailor Moon!? I do! I have a small collection of the Sailor Moon Petite Charas! Two were gifts, and the rest I bought unboxed at Japantown San Francisco!

Sailor Moon Petite Charas comes in many different series, or versions, where they each have different poses, expressions, and outfits! They come in a box and are called “blind boxes” or “surprise boxes”! What that means is that you won’t be able to pick which character you want. So whatever box you get, it will be surprise!

If you want one, or more, I’d suggest buying them online or at a Kinokuynia Japanese Bookstore.



Cardcaptor Sakura


Photo by Lily Trinh

Cardcaptor Sakura was one of a few anime I adored and watched while I was growing up! There is news that Cardcaptor Sakura will return into a new TV anime series.

It is this year that is the 20th anniversary of Cardcaptor Sakura. So many new merchandise are coming out from the anime. Pictured above of Sakura, was from a surprise toy box I bought at a Japanese book store call Kinokuniya. I was so lucky to have picked the box with Sakura in it – she is my favorite! This little figure of Sakura is about 1 inch, she is wearing a pink outfit, and her pal Keroberos – one of the two Guardians of the Clow Cards.

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